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Underwater Cathedral Tenerife

Underwater Cathedral of Tenerife


In offshore waters of the Island of Tenerife, nature formed a unique monument.
It took between 500,000 and a million years for the creation of this basalt formation to occur that impresses everyone.

Tenerife Lava Cathedral


You must be wondering where this cathedral is.
Well, it’s located about 50 meters deep in the area called the Costa de Acentejo; the coastline that runs from El Sauzal to Orotava.

This “castle or cathedral” is about 30 meters high. Such structures are formed when a casting basaltic lava comes in contact with water, cooling and then solidifying.

It shrinks and breaks into shaped prisms, generally hexagonal.
This particular structure at some point in its history must have emerged to the surface, which explains the erosion in its upper layers.

Here’s a video that will bring you closer to this extraordinary site.

Courtesy emocionant.com


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