The Perfect Resort of Los Gigantes

The incredible Acantilados de Los Gigantes cliffs, which are on Tenerife’s west coast, have to be seen to be believed. This rock wall plunges straight into the sea below. The beloved Los Gigantes resort is just a short distance away from these cliffs.

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The Los Gigantes resort was first developed in the 60s and was expanded in the 70s. The seaside town is popular because of its close proximity to the cliffs. While there are larger resorts in the south, this resort isn’t as noisy and offers a more relaxing experience.

In the town’s marina, you’ll see plenty of activity throughout the day.

There are also plenty of eateries and shops. You’ll even find a smaller lido here! If you explore the town, you’ll find many places to dine and enjoy local delicacies and fresh fish, not forgetting the many bars offering you anything cold to quench that thirst.

The town’s primary beach is on the smaller side. It’s a distinctive looking beach thanks to the volcanic black sand that naturally occurs on the island. Some other resorts in the region import golden Sahara sand instead to make it more appealing to visitors.

When you’re on the beach, you’ll have a spectacular view of the Los Gigantes cliffs. You can also get a great view of the cliffs from three other locations in the village.

One such spot is along the coastal path. You’ll also find great views in the location above the sports club and at Mirador Archipenque.

These cliffs, which are known as “the cliffs of the giants,” are an incredible attraction you should absolutely see when you’re visiting the island of Tenerife. Even though you can see the cliffs from both the beach and the village itself, it will be easier for you to grasp the scale of these cliffs if you view them from a boat.

The cliffs range from 500 to 800 meters in height. It’s common for whale and dolphin watching tours to head into this area so that people have the opportunity to experience the majesty of these cliffs and see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

Tenerife’s ancient Guanche people believed that these cliffs were sacred. In fact, they believed that the cliffs signified the end of the world.

Over one third of all species of whales and dolphins make their way through the Canary Islands every year. You’ll be able to see many of these species from the Los Gigantes coastline. At the marina, you’ll find a wide range of whale and dolphin tours. These tours can provide an incredible experience you’ll remember long after your tour is over.

Spots To Visit In The Area

You may want to visit Puerto de Santiago, a nearby resort that’s within walking distance. This resort was once a fishing village and is bursting with charm. You may also want to stop by Isla Cangrejo, a natural swimming pool known as “Crab Island.” It’s located between the two resorts.

Whatever you decide, Los Gigantes will continue in popularity and its beauty attests to this.

Many people prefer to look into areas outside the main resorts so that they can experience the best of both worlds. They can easily travel to the main resorts within a short distance and have the benefit of all that visitors may be looking for while gaining the advantage of the tranquillity on the outskirts and much cheaper prices for essentials and if looking for property, even better as the prices are more in line with the local economy rather than the tourist economy.

You can always find a happy middle ground in these areas so take the time and do some research.


  1. Fabulous little write up of the area which I love so much, living and working in the area for many years, hopefully those who don’t know our little side of the island will visit.

  2. Great place, we’ve stayed here several times.

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