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Los Cristianos

The Canary Islands – For Nightlife without the Hassle


Los CristianosThroughout the sunnier regions of southern Europe, there are a number of holiday resorts which have become synonymous with the younger crowd. These destinations are loud, lewd and lively, and although they are open to everyone the chances are most of the over-50s who travel there without being aware of their reputations are likely to regret their choice within a day or two.

The party capitals of Malia and Ibiza aren’t necessarily the wrong choice for the more senior tourists, of course, but if they’re looking for a little peace and quiet they may be disappointed. Hordes of happy youngsters making their way from the clubs and bars on the strip back to their hotels at five o’clock in the morning are unlikely to keep the noise down for long, even if they have the best of intentions.

It perhaps goes without saying that the best holiday destinations, whether they are located around the Mediterranean or perhaps in southern Florida, all have one thing in common: they offer something for everyone. They may be particular favourites of children, perhaps, or with older couples, but either way every visitor who arrives there for a vacation can be sure of enjoying an excellent time of things.

Although there is plenty of nightlife on the Canary Islands, it’s far more diverse and less likely to cause offence. The islands have carved out a reputation in recent years for welcoming people of all ages, from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. The only thing that connects the large groups of tourists who fly in every day is likely to be a desire to enjoy a vacation that will live long in the memory.

Everyone can join in the fun

Some people take a rather patronising view of what’s good for senior holiday-makers and what isn’t. It’s important to remember that almost all travellers go on their summer holiday to let their hair down in some form or another, and because of this the over-50s like to know there is plenty of nightlife available in their chosen resorts. They may not want to be guzzling vodka shots every two minutes or inhaling laughing gas, but they still like to have fun.

Even in Tenerife, perhaps the liveliest of the Canaries and the location of a number of hot nightspots, there is a refreshingly laid-back atmosphere and a genuine feeling that everyone is welcome. If you like to party into the wee small hours without feeling that you might not belong, this is the destination for you. As always, it’s simply a question of personal taste when it comes to vacations.

Fuerteventura has managed a subtle balancing act in recent years, and continues to offer something for everyone when the evenings come around. Restaurants and bars are friendly and welcoming so they appeal to seniors, but they are lively enough to make every night out a special occasion. If you’ve never been to the Canary Islands before, perhaps it’s time for you to try them out.


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