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Everything You Need To Know About Loro Parque


A trip to Tenerife simply isn’t complete without visiting stunning wildlife at Loro Parque. With the park’s wide selection of rare and exotic animals, it’s not surprising that it’s Tenerife’s most famous tourist attraction. If you’re planning to become one of the park’s forty million visitors since opening, then this …

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Luxury Vacations In Tenerife

private jet

Tenerife is often best known as a party destination thanks to the bustling club scene found in Playa de las Americas; however, the island has so much more to offer especially to those looking for a touch of luxury. Tenerife is known as the island of contrasts because it boasts …

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A Guide to Tenerife for Anglers

Fishermen in Puerto de la Cruz

Tenerife and the Canary Islands as a whole are amongst the finest fishing spots on the globe. Their location off the coast of Africa means some of the biggest game fish such as marlin, barracuda and tuna are there for the taking. The coral reefs around the various islands are …

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Journey to the Top of Mount Teide


The island of Tenerife is home to a unique landscape; the Teide National Park. It is one of the major attractions of the Canary Islands and at its heart towers Mount Teide, the 3rd highest volcano in the world, at 3,718 metres. It is a great landscape for sightseers and hikers …

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Therapeutic Tenerife – Just The Ticket

Puerto de la Cruz

  It’s cold outside. It’s snowing and the sky looks like it’s been painted grey. Heavy coats filled with people move about the city streets where even the light feels cold. You’re feeling a little down, like you need a boost of energy, of excitement, like you need a change… …

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Top 5 Tenerife Souvenirs

Tenerife Coastline

  Key chains, shots glasses and “I Heart Tenerife” T-shirts can always provide a quick souvenir fix, but unfortunately they can also be a clear indicator that you’ve most likely done your souvenir shopping the very last minute, or worse – in the airport. Therefore, if you’re looking to bring something home …

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24 hours of Food and Fun in Santa Cruz

Plaza de Espana Santa Cruz

Tenerife is, without doubt, one of the top destinations for all year round visitors, and many of them end up in the capital, Santa Cruz. The year round sunshine and a city filled with cosmopolitan shopping, museums, beaches and attractions are too much for most to resist. In this post, …

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Walk the walk – Masca

  There must be nothing worse than to get old and say you regret not having done something. That is how I felt as I reached my 65th birthday and after hearing such wonderful stories of walking down the Masca Gorge I thought, I can do that! Well I have …

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