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Roque de las Ánimas – Up Close & Personal

  Popular among rock climbers, Roque de las Animas forms part of the rugged landscape that is part of the Anaga mountain range. It’s the one that stands out the most on the shore with its conical shape that was sculpted by ancient volcanoes and became a popular landmark of …

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Sunrise With Dolphins In Tenerife

sunrise with dolphins in tenerife

  Tenerife is regarded as one of the top whale and dolphin watching destinations in the world and there is no other place in Europe as good as Tenerife to see these spectacular creatures in their natural habitat. The islands host many species year round which include bottlenose dolphins, pilot …

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Tenerife Pine Forest – Monte de la Esperanza

tenerife pine forest

  Around 12 million years ago, the mountain ranges of Tenerife surfaced from the Atlantic Ocean caused by volcanic eruptions, but it wasn’t until 3 million years ago that the island was formed as it is today. This was through the fusion of three islands with the mountain ranges of …

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Killer Whale Facts – The Orca Story

killer whales

  We’ve had quite a few discussions about killer whales ( Orcas ) within our online community, specifically about Orcas in captivity and those in Loro Parque. I’ll touch on that towards the end of this article but first, I think it’s important to outline some important facts about killer …

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Top Tenerife Webcams

top live tenerife webcams

  Over the years, live webcams have grown in popularity, providing a gateway for those wanting to get a glimpse of what places look like in real time. They provide answers to questions about the weather, what the place is like in reality, and something more than a static image. …

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Top 5 Tenerife Videos

top 5 tenerife videos

  We’ve put together a nice little list of videos of Tenerife that I’m sure will brighten your day and remind you of how beautiful this island really is. It was a difficult task trying to narrow our selection down to just a handful so without any further delay, here’s …

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Islands of Dreams

  A spectacular video by Jose Hervas of the Spanish islands. Sometimes a video comes along with the perfect combination of images and music that leaves you wanting it to last longer. You won’t be disappointed because this video does exactly that. Enjoy!    

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Aerial Photography in Tenerife

tenerife aerial photography

  Since the advent of drone photography, we can now have a bird’s eye view of just about anywhere. Tenerife is already an excellent place for photography and now, coupled with this relatively new field of photography, things have just got better. The video is by BJ Productions and is …

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50 Things To Do In Tenerife

Things to do in Tenerife featured

  I just recently completed a video listing a nice selection of things to do when in Tenerife. Many people ask about what sort of activities are available on the island so I finally got around to making this compilation which I hope will be useful to you. Enjoy! Don’t …

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