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Mount Teide – Alive But Asleep

  Teide is one of the volcanoes Gerardo Vallelijes, a geologist who specialises in the study of volcanoes (volcanologist), is particularly interested in, and eruptions on Tenerife within historical times make it and La Palma the two most volcanically active of all the Canary Islands. In 1492 a youngish Italian called Christopher …

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Community Badges & Stickers Pick Up Locations

This article contains the info about the pick up points on the island for your badges and stickers. Please remember, if you’re unable to get to the pick up locations listed below, then click here and we can have them posted to you for a small additional charge to cover the postage. If …

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Popular Tenerife Legends & Myths


Princess Guacimara   They say that she rose at the crack of dawn every day to gaze at Teide, covered at times by snow, and at others by ash. Kneeled up on the earth which it had given her, she prayed to this God that was so tall and so …

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Tenerife Tapas Cooking With Susi Cruz

Prawns and Canarian Potatoes

One of the members of our Facebook community shared some nuggets on cooking and the results look absolutely delicious. Using ingredients from the local markets, Susi was able to create some nice healthy dishes. Susi visited the island a while ago and put together some great videos which covered her recipes …

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Flights To Tenerife

  The clever engineers at Airbus have outlined their vision of what us passengers could expect from air travel circa 2050 and boy does it sound and look incredible. Certainly much more fun than the cattle class experience we have to go through. The Airbus Concept Cabin focuses on very …

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Tenerife Vacation Travel Guide

tenerife vacation featured

  I normally look through videos of Tenerife every so often but this one is pure quality and is just long enough to hold your attention. The standard is exceptional but then again, you would expect it from a company like Expedia. I hope you enjoy the video as much …

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Program For Santa Cruz Carnival 2016

Santa Cruz Carnival

  IMPORTANT NOTE : This program is provisional until the City Council confirms the events. The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2016 is round the corner. It will start on Wednesday January 13th with the feast of the mask and the presentation of candidates for Carnival Queen.     …

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Roque de las Ánimas – Up Close & Personal

  Popular among rock climbers, Roque de las Animas forms part of the rugged landscape that is part of the Anaga mountain range. It’s the one that stands out the most on the shore with its conical shape that was sculpted by ancient volcanoes and became a popular landmark of …

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Sunrise With Dolphins In Tenerife

sunrise with dolphins in tenerife

  Tenerife is regarded as one of the top whale and dolphin watching destinations in the world and there is no other place in Europe as good as Tenerife to see these spectacular creatures in their natural habitat. The islands host many species year round which include bottlenose dolphins, pilot …

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