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Tenerife Weekly Launches Popular Platform


Background to Tenerife Weekly

After an intial trial run a while ago, the Tenerife Weekly news site has been launched and is already proving popular with our community and the wider audience.

Below, the team at Tenerife Weekly outlines their goals and aspirations for the platform and encourage users to support and help promote the site.

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Concept of the Site

The concept behind Tenerife Weekly had been thought of a long time ago but due to things getting in the way, it had to be parked until time and technology caught up for it to be realised.
With so many English speaking residents and visitors looking for information about the island, much of the local Tenerife news is missed, and they have to resort to the few English language papers available that cannot keep up with the speed at which news is made public.

Role of the Platform

Tenerife Weekly plays the role of aggregator, meaning that it collects news from multiple news sources and displays them all in one place for the convenience of its readers and audience so that the need to sift through individual sites is completely removed. It can be time consuming doing that so we’ve made it as easy as possible for readers to get the news they need and all in one place.

Aggregator Sources

The site lists the most important and popular local Spanish sites for their news updates so that site users can get the most comprehensive local news and be assured that the information comes from competent and credible sources.

More sites will be added over time to complement the existing ones so that the platform provides more value to readers.

What’s With The Translation?

We’re aware of the translation quality not being the best, but the most important thing is that the reader gets the gist of what the news is about.

We plan to look into cost effective ways to do better translations but for now, the quality is sufficient for what it’s intended.

Vision For The Platform

Our vision for Tenerife Weekly is to have more sections where we can include a variety of topics, as well as a blog section for people to contribute articles and get exposure to an ever growing audience.

There are also plans for an advertising section where local businesses can promote their goods and services to readers and users of the platform without breaking the bank.

Are You On Social Media?

Once the news is published on the platform, we automatically syndicate it to our social media pages so that our readers never miss an beat.
By liking our Facebook page and following our Twitter feed, you’ll be helping us promote the platform to a wider audience and contributing to the growth of the site.

Where Else Are You Online?

We’ve only just started with our campaign but already there are mentions of us online on some popular Spanish news sites.
If you’d like to take a look, go to Elconfidencialdigital.com, Huelvaya.es, Canariasnoticias.es, and Contrainformacion.es.

There will be many more connections and networks built as time goes on and we aim to onboard many more reputable sites.


Starting out as an information source and a growing community at Tenerife Forum, there was a need for regular news updates for the community and so the idea for Tenerife Weekly was developed.

Wrapping Up

We hope our readers find this platform useful and the plan is to keep on growing, so if you have any ideas on how to improve it or would like to contribute something to make it better, then please get in touch with us by using the Contact page on the site and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.




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