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spanish residency card

Registering as a Resident Foreigner in Tenerife

spanish residency cardThere have been several changes made to the requirements for registering as a resident foreigner here in Tenerife in recent times.

This certificate/card is known amongst existing residents as the residency/green certificate.

If you are thinking about registering in the near future, maybe you will be interested to read a few guidelines that I have written about the registration requirements, bearing in mind each individual case can vary depending upon personal circumstances.


What You Need

If you live in the South of Tenerife you will make your registration in the main National Police Station in Playa de Las Americas and the certificate/card is issued on the day. The standard necessary documents are as follows:

  • Original Passport and a copy. (Make sure your Passport is up to date)
  • The EX-18 registration form, correctly completed in Spanish with your personal details.
  • One photograph of yourself for the document.
  • The prepaid ‘Modelo 790’ form payable at any bank. The bank will keep a copy and return the remaining stamped copies back to you, the fee is currently in the region of 10€, if you have already been issued with a NIE – Foreigners Identity Number – If not, the fee is in the region of 20€.
  • Up to date ‘Certificado de Empadronamiento’ – registration certificate issued at the Town Hall.


Employment & Healthcare Status

In addition to the above documents you will also have to provide evidence of your personal situation with regards to employment and health care.

If you are already working in Tenerife, you must provide evidence of employment. This can be done by producing a document called situación actual’ from the Social Security Office; this confirms your current working situation.

If you’re not working, you must be able to prove that you have sufficient income to support yourself, 5.150€ is currently seen as an acceptable amount per person and a stamped bank statement/letter or a bank book confirming the deposit in a Spanish bank account should be produced. If you are a pensioner you can present a letter/ document confirming your entitlement to a pension.

If you are not entitled to Spanish health care you will have to provide proof that you are covered by a private medical insurance policy.

For UK pensioners you will have to provide a current EHIC card together with the S1 document, which is later processed with the Social Security here, to transfer your health care funded by the UK to the Spanish National Health Service.


Other Details

Children can only register as a resident foreigner if their parents have complied with the registration requirements. Parents will need to prove their relationship with their children, by presenting the original birth certificate and a copy.

All documents that you provide must be written in Spanish or if you present any documentation from your country of origin this must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator and have the Hague Apostille stamp.


Become a resident with the help of Lindsay Schewalie.