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tenerife pine forest

Tenerife Pine Forest – Monte de la Esperanza


Around 12 million years ago, the mountain ranges of Tenerife surfaced from the Atlantic Ocean caused by volcanic eruptions, but it wasn’t until 3 million years ago that the island was formed as it is today. This was through the fusion of three islands with the mountain ranges of Anaga, Teno and Valle de San Lorenzo.

It wasn’t until much later, about 1.8 million years ago, that subsequent volcanic eruptions formed a ridge on this land mass which became colonised with Canary pine trees and is now known as Monte de la Esperanza (Mount of Hope).



Roughly 500,000 years ago, the whole of this mountainous formation collapsed and large masses of earth slipped and shifted. There were massive avalanches of rocks that destroyed everything in their path.

Apparently, this is how the Orotava Valley in the north and the Guimar Valley to the south was formed.


Tenerife Pine Forest & Valley
Once the valleys had formed with Teide towering in the background, and the Alisios winds which determines the climate on the island could play its roll in this magical construct, a magnificent sea of clouds would be continually pushed against the dorsal ridge of the north face of this landscape.


tenerife sea of clouds


The pine forest is a welcome change from some of the more dry areas of the island and many use the environment to get away and de-stress. The perfect location to get in touch with nature.


tenerife pine forest


Pine needles have many uses and as this elderly Pinochero couple show us, nothing is wasted.



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