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This list of Tenerife news sources contains both Spanish & English language sites that provide news, information, and important press releases about the island and will be updated on a regular basis so that the list stays current.

Also included are the official government sites who provide important announcements to the press and general public as well as trusted local blogs.


Tenerife Official Sites

Official Gazette

The official State Gazette providing official press releases to the general public about Tenerife.

Official Government Announcements

Latest published newsletters and press releases from the government of the Canary Islands.

Ministry of Health

Official website of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare with local and national information on health.

Canary Islands Government News Portal

The latest news from the Canary Islands Government Portal.

Official Covid Numbers

Covid data from around the Canary Islands with daily updates on local and national regions.



Tenerife News in Spanish from Local & National Sites

El Diario

El Diario provides daily digital news about politics and economics as well as independent analysis and blogs on multiple topics about Tenerife as well as the latest around the world. El Diario is a popular Spanish newspaper and one of the best sources of local news.

La Provincia

Daily paper covering Santa Cruz, La Laguna, La Orotava, Adeje, Puerto de la Cruz, and Arona.

El Dia

All the latest from Tenerife and the Canary Islands as well as Spain.

Diario de Avisos

Latest from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, and around the world. One of the best local papers covering many topics such as travel, holiday, property, business, politics, hotel updates, as well as world news.

Canarias 24 Horas

Breaking up to the minute stories today.

El Pais

Popular latest stories from Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain and around the world.
This newspaper is a national favourite and there is also an English language version of El Pais listed in the English language section below.

Canarias Noticias

A local news site covering all the islands in the archipelago, providing Tenerife daily news.

Canarias 7

News and information from a local news source covering all around Tenerife.

Europa Press

Leading private news agency in Spain providing all the latest news as well as information on politics, events, leisure, tourism, and culture.

El Digital Sur

First digital news portal related to Tenerife South since 2007 publishing news from Tenerife.

Canal 4 Tenerife

A popular TV station providing local news for the island.



Tenerife News in English

Tenerife Weekly

Tenerife Weekly is a local Tenerife news site in English publishing information from around the island, covering multiple topics for British and English speaking readers. New information and news items are added every hour, providing readers with all the latest updates on one platform. A great addition to your holiday and travel plans.

English Radio News

Local radio news in English for Tenerife.

El Pais in English

A popular Spanish source covering all of Spain and beyond with interesting articles on several topics.



Future Updates

We’ll be adding more press sources to this page as soon as they become available so if you run a good quality site that provides the latest news and information about Tenerife, then get in touch with the details and we’ll review it to see if it meets our requirements.

For all the current Tenerife news and gossip around the island, join our Tenerife Community and get new information as it happens.

Tenerife Forum will continue to update this page with more useful sources and we hope you find this list helpful.


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