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Tenerife For Free: 5 Things to Do That Won’t Cost You Anything


FREEAlthough when you go on holidays it seems like everything costs money but it doesn’t always have to be that way in Tenerife. There are a growing number of free activities and ways to explore the island on a very small budget that can help you keep on top of your holiday budget.

Free Accommodation

Accommodation is typically one of the biggest holiday costs and Tenerife is no different to anywhere else in Europe. While there are usually some deals to be had on apartments in Tenerife, you will almost always have to visit during the low season to get great deals. On the other hand, during the warmer months expect to pay a premium for this luxury.

If you want to save money on accommodation in Tenerife, you will need to be creative. Try websites like Couchsurfing.org; that connects people with a spare room or couch with people who need somewhere to stay. If you fancy your own space, TrustedHousesitters.com has an ever-increasing number of opportunities to look after other people’s homes while they’re away.
Another option is to look into WWOOFing, which gives travellers the opportunity to work on organic farms in return for their bed and one or two decent meals a day.

Keep Fit for Free

Holiday this week, diet next week! That’s usually the mentality for most holidays, whether in Tenerife or anywhere else in the world. It’s so easy to put on weight whilst on holiday and unless there’s a gym in your hotel or apartment block you’re unlikely to make the effort to try and burn anything off before you get back home.

There are many ways to get use of gym equipment on a very low budget. In these times, any business is better than none and Tenerife is no different. There are several gyms and resorts offering these facilities in the tourist resorts. Some places may have free to use gym equipment so check thoroughly before handing over your money.

If you brought your running shoes with you then why not sample some of the beautiful places on the island like the beaches by taking a nice run or a bike ride that will help you burn the calories you gained from all that delicious Tapas.

Free Wifi

If you’re not having a digital detox and don’t want to pay for roaming charges, there are many places around the island where you can get free wifi. Check your local bar or cafe and the chances are that they offer free internet connection as long as you buy a drink and don’t overstay your welcome on just one drink.

Free Excursions

Sightseeing shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg: so forget the paid day trips and walking tours and head up to Teide National Park for an inexpensive day-trip. Far away from the noise and bustle of the tourist resorts, Teide National Park is one of Tenerife’s most famous and most widely-recommended attractions.
Mount Teide is the highest peak in Spain, so expect great views from wherever you stand.

If you don’t want to stray too far from the resorts, you don’t have to. At the start of a number of walking trails you will find vendors, and merchants selling everything from food to sunglasses. Many of the trails circumvent towns and villages so it is hard to lose yourself.

Party for Free

Tenerife is home to no less than fourteen fiestas each and every year. They’re loud, friendly and they usually go on until the early hours of the morning; sometimes even until the very late hours of the morning! There’s a real party atmosphere here, and as someone visiting the island on holiday, it’s the perfect place to let off a little steam, relax and make some new friends.

It doesn’t cost anything to join in the street celebrations and even if you do decide to knock back a few cold beers, don’t expect that to cost the world either; alcohol, food and just about everything else is typically a lot cheaper in Tenerife than it is in the rest of Europe.