teide mountain and parrots

Teide Bear On Tenerife

teide bear book coverWhen a little polar bear first arrived on the island of Tenerife long ago, he was alone and unhappy.

He had accidentally drifted all the way from the north pole having gone swimming without telling his parents or anyone else.

The only thing that gave him hope was the sight of snow at the top of mount Teide. This is the highest point on the island he headed for on that day many years ago and was the only thing that looked similar to his homeland.

The trek to the mountain summit was further than it looked but led him to meet a character that would not only be a continuous companion but was also responsible for the reason he had landed there.

The bear tells his companion about the long trip that brought him to the Island and all the creatures he met and had helped him along the way.

He explained how silly he was and very lucky too and promised he would never again go anywhere without telling other people where he was going.

His new companion comforts him and asks him to be patient for she knows the fantastic future about to be bestowed on this lovely polar bear and how he will eventually have a name gained directly from the mountain he now stands on .

teide mountain and parrots

The magic of Teide Mountain produced the super powers that Teide Bear now possesses and uses to do good deeds .

Not only does he rescue but he creates communities for the rescued that require homes .It doesnt matter where in the world help is needed, Teide Bear will help if he can. The communities he creates are not only taught to look after themselves but to look after others, be they animal or human .

He also teaches them to look after our planet, promoting recycling in order to save the earth’s precious resources .

pirates from teide bear

His first rescue takes place on Tenerife and this a community now thrives and has adorable and unforgettable members .
Even the baddies he comes across in his adventures are given a chance to change their ways and make a better society for all,.

Many many characters are involved in ‘The Adventures of Teide Bear‘ including many types of animals and because the bear speaks their language, they are always called upon for help in his adventures.

The Island of Tenerife and the other canary Islands have little vegetation on them when the bear first arrived but after gaining his super powers and helped by his magical companion, they help turn the barren landscape into tropical paradises .

Book Background
The complete Teide bear project evolved not only as a way to promote the creation of good honest communities, but also to give continuous hope to our planet and everything that resides on it. The books are educational with easy to understand facts hence the project is endorsed by The university of Nottingham UK. It also helps put Tenerife and the Canary Islands on the world map and through my own world travel experiences and discussions, the public show great interest in these islands .

The book can be purchased from the author Mike Booth through his page on Amazon.


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