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Santiago del Teide to San Juan del Raparo Hike

Santiago del Teide to San Juan del Raparo Hike – Day 12: (Hike: 24km, Ht. gain 200m, Approx 8hrs)


Our next hike from Santiago is important for many reasons; this is the longest walk I will take you on, it takes in the circular hike around Montaña Chinyero Volcán, it also takes us on a network of paths which join with other networks, but primarily from the end of January to the end of February it covers the majority of the Ruta del Almendro en Flor (The almond blossom trail).

Starting at the TIO and church square hikers notice board, follow the SL TF 60 away from the road and round the back of the houses picking up the trail proper through the cactus spurge, wax plants and almond trees heading up hill to the Lava flow at El Calvarío de los Baldios.

Continue onto the path across the lava flow and circle around the back of Montaña Bilma where, at a junction, you can turn right and descend into Las Manchas on the SL TF 60.2 (and either return to Santiago or keep descending into Tamaimo) or continue on the SL TF 60 to Arguayo (and pick up the ridge path network (GR TF 133) to Chirche above Guía de Isora and all points South and East).

We are going to stay on the main path for a short while and take the next left hand path to the Montaña Chinyero Volcán (PR TF 43.3) up through more almond blossom and pine trees until we see a large board with directions around the volcano (PR TF 43).

Left is the shorter route and cuts off about 3km but doesn’t circle the volcano so we will head straight on and up the gentle climb until we leave the trees behind and have great views of Chinyero to the left and Teide to the right.

Continue on the path until you meet up with the shorter route and turn right towards Arenas Negras which is a large camping ground in the pine trees (and a great place for a picnic) staying with the PR TF 43 all the way past the Ermita de San Francisco de la Montañera and La Montañera descending into San Juan del Raparo (or Del Reparo as the locals call it) where you can catch the bus back to Santiago.

It’s worth noting that there is a short 2km footpath descent from the bus stop in Del Raparo to Garachico so, on future trips, you can get off the bus and walk down the path to spend the day in Garachico before taking the bus to Icod and change for Santiago and beyond.


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