Santiago del Teide to the Roque Blanco Ridge Walk

Santiago del Teide to the Roque Blanco Ridge Hike – Day 9: (Hike: 10km, Ht. gain 300m, Approx 8hrs)


If you travel by bus from the South, get off at the first stop as you enter Santiago and cross the road to the PR TF 65 and walk 1.5km down to the Roque Blanco footpath (TF 65.1). Turn Right and start your climb (note one of the return footpath, that hugs the side of the ridge, on the left) passing a grotto to the Virgin a little further on.

Keep climbing and you will reach the ridge on the Left that runs all the way to the Guama high ground (Photograph). Now, you can walk on up past the farm (please stop and buy some figs or almonds if you do, it will be much appreciated) and onto Roque Blanco itself but the path ends and you can go no further so you will have to retrace your steps.

You will find a copy of the way marks in the comments section of this post, and these red and white markers are what we will be following. Just head out onto the ridge and follow it all the way to the next junction, it is a bit of a scramble but that’s all part of the fun. At the next junction you can turn Left and this will take you back to the path we noted at to the start of the climb, we however turn Right and follow the path, round the back of the ridge to another junction.

Again, you can turn Left and descend to the PR TF 65 at the Tamaimo junction but we will turn Right, descend approx. 50m and pick up the path on the Left (keep an eye out for this path, if you miss it, it is a long climb to retrace your steps…I know!).

Hug the side of the peak on your left and keep following the path below the Tamaimo Cross and Guama eventually climbing a short way to the plateau and another junction. At this point you can turn Right and follow the gently descending path for 500m to the “Eye” and the high ground above the eye (the hole in the cliff overlooking Los Gigantes) but we will follow the path to the Left, through the scrub, until we reach the TF 65.2 junction.

Left goes up and over Guama- 875m but turn Right and start your descent to the PR TF 65. You now have a choice; Right is a 4km walk down to Los Gigantes and Left is a short 1.5km climb to the path for Tamaimo where we can turn Right and walk into town to the many bus stops.

You can also climb all the way back to Santiago if that is where you parked a car and this, my friends, is the reason I take the bus.


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