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Santiago del Teide to Buenavista del Norte Hike

Santiago del Teide to Buenavista del Norte Hike – Day 11: (Hike: 20km, Ht. gain 500m, Approx 7hrs)


This is a great way to visit the northern coast with a couple of ‘not to be missed’ points of interest.

Referring back to yesterdays walk, we are now familiar with Santiago and how to make our way out of town and up hill, picking up the PR TF 51 to the saddle (incidentally this is where my profile photo was taken) and onwards along the ridge to the crossroads above the main Masca road.

This time, rather than turning left to the Mirador and Masca, we continue on the PR TF 51, crossing the road to the view point and information board.

You can take a moment to admire the view or continue up the next ridge ahead where the views only get better. Keep to the PR TF 51 up to the top and around the back of the high point ahead (Altos de Baracán – 1003m) continuing on the path through La Mesita and Teno Alto where we pick up the PR TF 58 (continuing on the 51 is a long trek and would eventually take you to El Faro at Punta de Teno, the furthest point West on Tenerife).

Turning left onto the PR TF 58 follow the path across the plateau until you see the North coast at Puerta del Risco (photograph) and descend the almost vertical Camino del Risco 500m switchback path to the road below (TF– 445) turning right and follow by the side all the way into Buenavista del Norte and the bus station.

Buenavista looks to be a great little place with lots to see, unfortunately I took so long with my photo stops that I was in a bit of a rush for the last Masca bus (355) back to Santiago and didn’t get to see much of the town. You can take another bus (363) through Garachico onto the bus terminal at Icod and change for Santiago (325) but it takes so much longer and the trip on the Masca bus is an experience that shouldn’t be missed (I’ll also show you a better way of seeing the North coast later).


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