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Renewing British Passports in Tenerife

How to Renew your British Passport in Tenerife

British passportIf you are renewing your British Passport while residing in Tenerife, it’s important you make your application in plenty time as you will need at last 4 weeks from when your declaration form is received by the Passport office so that it can be processed.

This may take even longer if the Passport office require more information or if your photos are rejected.

You can now apply and pay for your Passport online using any of the following cards that are accepted as payment:  Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa debit, Maestro (UK Domestic). The current Passport fees are as follows:



Adult standard 32 page Passport – 72.50 GBP
Adult 48 page Passport – 85.50 GBP
Child’s Passport – 46 GBP

Official page for Passport Fees

The above prices include a Courier service, which will ensure the secure delivery of your Passport and any supporting documents.


Application Process

The application is divided into three stages:

1. Create and check application details.
2. Pay and print the declaration form.
3. Sign and send declaration form.

For the renewal you will need:

• Your current Passport
• 2 identical new photos
• Any other current Passports issued by other countries
• Bank card to process payment

It’s advisable to read the guidance notes and check which supporting documents you need.
If you are presenting any documents that are not in English, you should have them translated by a professional translator.

Once the application is completed, you will need to print, sign and post your declaration form to the provided address. Earlier this year, the British Consulate announced a change of Passport offices dealing with overseas Passport renewals.

In the past, the Passport office in Madrid processed the renewals of Spanish territory residents, but now all applicants renewing Passports will need to send their applications directly to the Identity & Passport Service in Belfast.

Useful number – Passport Advice line – 44 (0) 300 222 0000

Gov.UK Information Page


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