Playa del Duque to Adeje walk

Playa del Duque to Adeje Walk – Day 6: (SL/TF-71, 7km, Ht. gain 300m, Approx 3hrs)


Morning everyone. Before I take you into the mountains proper I have a walk that can be done from Costa Adeje area. There are many more hikes in the area but I’m still walking and learning so have a go at discovering your own favourite.

For those that didn’t know there was another Adeje, 7km up from the beach, in the mountain foothills, is a lovely little town with loads of shops, cafés and restaurants; it is well worth a visit and is the starting point for tomorrows walk. I’m doing this from the beach but in actuality it is much easier to get the 473 bus up to Adeje and walk back from there.

There are pamphlet maps available from the tourist information office (PR TF Maps) and I’ll be referring to these routs as we get more adventurous. The map that covers this walk is the ‘Red de Senderos de Adeje’ (PR TF 71) which incidentally has several other walks in the area including tomorrows hike.

Heading towards La Caleta from El Duque you pass Hotel Riu Palace Tenerife, turn Right, head up between the hotels and cross the road. You will see a path to the hermitage of La Enramada where you’ll find the start of the 2km footpath (Camino de La Virgen).

Just keep following this path, taking time to look back at the views, all the way to its end at the gated monument to the Virgin de La Encarnacion. If you wish you can turn right and there is a bus stop by the police station but for those continuing, turn left and carefully follow the side of the road up to the round about over the TF-1 and, once crossed, follow the pavement all the way up to the town.

It is a fair way up hill past the sports centre/collage and church to the bus station, there are bus stops on route but we will be using the bus station as our starting point tomorrow and it is from here that we would start the reverse walk. There is also a great little café that does fabulous pastries at the bus station. (The 473 bus goes North to Los Gigantes and South to LC from here).


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