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Luxury Tourism – A New Way Of Travel

I’m sure that we can agree that most people looking into luxury tourism are probably expecting unique experiences of the highest possible quality with the costs involved becoming an afterthought

It would most likely be someone who chooses exotic destinations, that spends more money for the privilege, and has an interest in gastronomy and relaxation. In this way, for those destinations that try to position themselves as benchmarks for luxury tourism, these elements can be of great interest when trying to create or design experiences for their clients.


Carmen Edelson


When trying to organize one of these luxury travel trips, especially when looking for those unique experiences that many of us would expect from having to spend a premium for, you have to source someone who has the experience and knowledge to be able to advise you.

Carmen’s Luxury Travel

To provide an example of someone who meets all these criteria, Carmen Edelson, founder of, can guide you professionally and effectively. Carmen sets herself apart from other bloggers and luxury travel professionals by redefining what luxury travel means.

For Carmen, luxury travel is also a trend towards responsible travel that allows travellers to build a deep experience of local communities and culture as well as instilling a value that the regular tourist does not usually see. Or quite the opposite, visiting world famous destinations exclusively.

New trends in luxury tourism

There are also new trends in luxury related tourism trips which have increased in popularity for customers who can afford it, and this new trend is the reservation of private planes and boats for mainly short trips which offer more security since they allow you to share space only with family or friends.

The demand for villas which incorporate all the services of a top quality hotel that facilitates customer privacy, has also gained in popularity.

Professionals in the luxury travel niche such as Carmen are already looking into new and diverse destinations that are trending in many parts of the world and gaining traction among people who are inclined to use luxury travel services.

A good example of this is the new trend that consists of “philanthropic trips”. A new type of experience that already occurs in many countries, where people with high budgets seek to make a difference and a large impact in locations that need moral and financial support through tourism and yet, offer unique experiences that the average tourist would never get to see.

To cite just one example, via these types of trips, a contribution is made to help areas in need or with various problems, such as some parts of Africa, and who travels to a game reserve on the continent to see how a wildlife program is being developed to cut the poaching of rhinos for their horns, or elephants for their tusks.

In northern Europe, some agencies organize auctions among travellers for charitable purposes that range from promoting buildings in schools in African and Asian countries, to acts in favour of endangered species of animals as indicated above.

Another trend that’s beginning now are the ‘pop up’ or ephemeral hotels, which are created in the middle of nature for clients to experience something even more unique.

In short, privacy, luxury, good gastronomy and a deeper knowledge of the places you visit, are creating a new way of doing tourism, luxury tourism.

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