Scam Alert – Anatomy of a Scam in the Making

UPDATE – July 2nd 2014

This domain has now been abandoned by the owners and allowed to expire which signals that our efforts were worthwhile. Scam Alert

In the Canaries, we tend to get more than our fair share of scams and fraudulent individuals possibly due to it being a popular tourist destination coupled with unwitting tourists who simply visit to have some relaxation and a ‘jolly good time’.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals view it as an incredible opportunity to profit without having any sense of decency and in many cases, will even boast to others about how smart they were to rip off their victims. Enter


Details of the Scam

We’ve been monitoring a website by the name of for a while now which was initiated by their Facebook page stealing content from our page without attributing any credit to us or the image owners.

On closer inspection, we soon discovered that nearly all the content on their main site had been stolen, including some from acquaintances who run reputable blogs about Tenerife.

This information for was sourced from Copyscape which is a standard for bloggers to check if their content has been copied and republished elsewhere without their consent.

I contacted Spain Holiday & Jack at The Real Tenerife to notify them that their content had been stolen and reproduced elsewhere.

They in turn tried to contact the site owner to request removal of the stolen content but the owner refused to respond to their requests.

I went ahead and filed a report to Google on the grounds of plagiarism to which I got a positive response and I also encouraged the other parties to do the same.

It’s not uncommon for Google to remove a site from their index completely if multiple requests are validated.


Registration Details of from Whois

Because Whois details can be edited, a screenshot will make sure the details stay intact in the event of any changes made by the registrant. Whois details

Just a few points on the registration details of

  • The name could be anyone as there is no verification process
  • Street is stated as “nekada iela” a Latvian term meaning upper street
  • State is listed as “no fckin state”
  • As for country, it speaks for itself


Uncovered Server Information by Site24x7

The site is hosted in Bucharest, Romania according to Site24X7 and here’s a screenshot. Server Location


Property Section of Looks Dubious

What makes this whole story even more intriguing is that in the backend (admin section) of the site, the owner obviously has plans for a property business which should immediately raise a red flag judging by the way it has been approached.

Once again, here’s the link to the hidden section, but another screenshot is necessary just in case it gets edited.

Update…… domain has been allowed to expire and deindexed by Google. Propert Scam section


Content Theft by Validated by Copyscape

Listed below are just some of the sites affected by the content theft and I’m sure many are blissfully unaware of it.

Real Tenerife Island Drives




Todo Tenerife

Royal Garden Villas


Final Word on the Scam in the Making

If anyone contacts you and tells you that he lives in ‘no fckin state’ on cuckoo island then you’ll know that it’s the people behind and should be avoided like the plague.

Here’s some sound advice related to common Holiday Scams and an A – Z of Online Fraud.

Stay safe……….



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