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Guía de Isora, to Vera de Erques Hike

Guía de Isora, to Vera de Erques Hike – Day 20: (Hike: 9km, Ht. gain 500m, Approx 5hrs)


Note: The bus returning to Guía de Isora from Vera de Erques (490) only runs a couple of times a day. Time your route to arrive at Vera by 14:00 or you may have a long wait or an extremely long walk!

From the bus station at Guía de Isora make your way up hill from the bus station crossing the road and turning left onto Calle Guarpia and, at the end, right onto Calle las Britas where you will pick up the first of the Yellow/White markers, follow this road to the end and you will find the start of the path.

Continue for 500m to the up hill/down hill junction and sign post where we head down hill keeping an eye open for the left hand path down the gully and the bend in the road below and start our 3km climb on the path ahead, past the goatherd, to El Jaral where we encounter our first deep barranco. (Barranco del Pozo)

Descend to the bottom on the path and climb out continuing the climb on a straight solid rocky path, crossing the rural road several times but not forgetting to look behind you as the views are stunning. After a 1km climb you reach the top and follow the rural road left past a large compound with barking dogs and the second deep barranco crossing. (Barranco del Guaria) Once again, descend following the path and climb out the other side for great view over Western Tenerife from the village of Las Fuentes.

It is now an easy walk following the well marked footpath around the back of Montaña Tejina, descending and climbing the shallow Barranco de las Carreras, Barranco Cuéscara and Barranco Bicacaro until you reach the road (TF-465) where it is only a short climb past the Colegio Publico Vera de Erques into the village of Vera de Erques and the bus stop where, if you have timed it correctly, there is a 490 bus leaving at 14:20 that will take you back to Guía de Isora bus station (don’t miss it, the next one is at 19:00)


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