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Guía de Isora, El Jaral, Guía de Isora Hike

Guía de Isora, El Jaral, Guía de Isora Hike – Day 19: (Hike: 11km, Ht. gain 400m, Approx 5hrs)


This is a circular trail that can be included for those who hate to miss out a portion of the ridge or just as a day trip into the hills. Basically it retraces the route from the Guía de Isora bus station up hill to where we left off on day 18 at the village of Chirche, circles around El Jaral and returns to Guía de Isora.

Head across the road and start your climb firstly turning left up Calle Guarpia to the T junction and then right on Calle las Britas, following the road to the way marked path. Continue on for 500m until the path splits up and down hill and proceed up hill.

After approximately 3km we reach Aripe and again, a short 20m detour into the village you will find a shrine to Pedrito the famous football player on the wall of his home, after that, the path reaches a sign posted crossroads to El Jaral above the village of Chirche, this is where we turn right.

Again this path is clearly marked yellow or yellow/white so continue on for 4 km descending and climbing any contours and Barranco de Ramallo on route then descending on the path until you enter El Jaral where it is an easy 3 km down hill walk to the main road.

You will see the return path this side of the road in front of you and it is a short climb to the split in the path where we started returning to Guía de Isora and the bus station for onward travel to all destinations.


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