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Golf Del Sur to Costa del Silencio Walk

Golf del Sur to Costa del Silencio Walk – Day 2 (Part 1) (Hike: 8km, Ht. gain 0m, Approx 2hrs)


All these walks are approximately 16km long and training shoes/walking shoes are advisable for the more rugged parts but I will include wheelchair friendly paths where sandals/flip-flops can be worn.

Remember; walk only those paths you are comfortable walking and do only as much as you are happy with…I make a point of only using public transport on the island, it takes the stress out of my travels, and I’ll finish each leg at a point serviced by a TITSA bus service.

Also remember, all these walks are free as is my description (There is no copyright to any photos or blog) so get out and enjoy.


Day 2: (Pt.1) Golf del Sur to Costa del Silencio

I’ve split this walk onto two shorter parts as both destinations are on the 470 Titsa bus route and part one can be a little harder walk if the tide is in. From Golf del Sur head towards the Marina and pick up the coastal footpath West. There are lots of marked paths heading in all directions but if you stick to the coast it’s a well marked, easy walk over level gravel and sand.

Just before Costa del Silencio there is a small hill; if the tide is in you will have to go up and over or around this to reach the town. If the tide is out you can walk along the rocks (shown in the pt. 2 photo)


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