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London To Tenerife In 20 Minutes

Skreemr concept jet

    In the near future, you might be able to make that trip from mainland Europe to Tenerife in less than 30 minutes. The Skreemr is a concept jet that is being developed and will be able to travel at 10 times the speed of sound and uses ‘scramjet …

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How to Save Money When Booking Your Next Hotel

Tenerife Hotel

  Accommodation is one of the largest expenses when you go on holiday, especially if you want to stay in a good hotel. However, it doesn’t always have to take up such a large chunk of your budget. Here are a few top tips for saving money on your hotel …

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Deciding on Holiday Accommodation using a Decision Matrix

Tenerife from the air

  Using a decision matrix to decide between the Tenerife apartments or villas that have made your holiday short list is a brilliant way to decide where to stay. So if you want every family member or friend to be happy with your choice of accommodation this summer, read on! …

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Travel Money – How to Get the Best Deal

Better Exchange Rates

  Buy your travel money online and you will save more than it costs for a family of four to spend the day at Lago Martianez! Travel money has already had it’s ‘Rip Off Britain’ moment that seems to grip every industry these days. Not too long ago the idea …

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How to Find the Best Flight Bargains

  There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all, especially when life is particularly stressful. Whether the pressures are caused by work, family or anything else, once you’re on that plane and heading off into the sun you can feel the burden lessening as each minute passes by. For …

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Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Hire Car Experience

car hire

  If you’ve ever been bored on holiday and faced long, tedious hours in a resort that offers little in the way of fun, you’ll know that hiring a car can make a great difference to the enjoyment levels. Having access to a vehicle opens up the whole region, so there’s no …

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Holiday Home Owners – Attract More Guests with these Tips

  If you own a holiday home and are planning to rent it out to paying guests in the coming months, you need to be aware that it won’t be just a case of letting people know it’s available and then waiting for the money to come rolling in. Before …

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5 Tips to Save Money Whilst Travelling this Holiday

  The thought of travelling over the festive season can be overwhelming, especially if you have children in tow. Whether you are flying, driving or taking the train, the cost of getting away from it all over Christmas and New Year can quickly spiral out of control. However, your holiday …

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3 Travel Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

  Travelling can be one of the most thrilling experiences of a person’s life. The opportunity to explore a new destination or the joy of revisiting a favourite destination is always a rewarding experience. However, there are times when travelling can become a challenge and transform into a nightmare of a situation. This article …

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How To Travel Light

A holiday is meant to be about fun and relaxation, but there’s nothing fun or relaxing about schlepping through the airport, up and down stairs, and over cobblestone streets dragging an enormous suitcase. It’s even less amusing at the end of your holiday when, after all that effort, you realise …

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