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Sensational Aerial Views of Tenerife

Aerial view of Tenerife

  An inspirational video from a trip on the island of Tenerife. Most of the frames are stunning aerial shots with some ground level frames. Definitely worth watching because much of the beauty of the island is only visible from the air. Thanks to Dreamwood for this video. Enjoy!   …

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Local Markets

Market in Tenerife

Local Markets in Tenerife There are many local Tenerife markets taking place regularly around the island that range from locally grown fruit and vegetables to souvenirs and trinkets. Local markets support the local island economy and are also a great social event. Take a look at the list below and …

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Underwater Cathedral of Tenerife

Underwater Cathedral Tenerife

  In offshore waters of the Island of Tenerife, nature formed a unique monument. It took between 500,000 and a million years for the creation of this basalt formation to occur that impresses everyone.   You must be wondering where this cathedral is. Well, it’s located about 50 meters deep …

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Mount Teide – Alive But Asleep

  Teide is one of the volcanoes Gerardo Vallelijes, a geologist who specialises in the study of volcanoes (volcanologist), is particularly interested in, and eruptions on Tenerife within historical times make it and La Palma the two most volcanically active of all the Canary Islands. In 1492 a youngish Italian called Christopher …

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Tenerife Vacation Travel Guide

tenerife vacation featured

  I normally look through videos of Tenerife every so often but this one is pure quality and is just long enough to hold your attention. The standard is exceptional but then again, you would expect it from a company like Expedia. I hope you enjoy the video as much …

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Top 5 Tenerife Videos

top 5 tenerife videos

  We’ve put together a nice little list of videos of Tenerife that I’m sure will brighten your day and remind you of how beautiful this island really is. It was a difficult task trying to narrow our selection down to just a handful so without any further delay, here’s …

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Sandy Toes and Salty Kisses of Tenerife

Las Teresitas

Tenerife is home to a multitude of different types of beaches and you’ll find that they cater for all tastes and range from golden brown to velvety, black, volcanic sand. Tenerife beaches themselves have varying levels of services too, from the very well supported beaches in the south to the …

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