Everything You Need To Know About Loro Parque

Image by Kamil Porembiński

A trip to Tenerife simply isn’t complete without visiting stunning wildlife at Loro Parque. With the park’s wide selection of rare and exotic animals, it’s not surprising that it’s Tenerife’s most famous tourist attraction.

If you’re planning to become one of the park’s forty million visitors since opening, then this guide is for you. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the amazing Loro Parque.

All Creatures Great And Small…

Loro Parque is a tropical paradise, home to a wide variety of fascinating animals. There is even a beautiful orchid garden for any green fingered plant enthusiasts out there!

The park itself began as an incredible career change for the former German ambassador to Thailand, who fell in love with island of Tenerife and decided to create this tropical haven, which initially began as a home for 4000 parrots.

The Jaw Dropping Shows:

Dolphin Pool
If you’ve not seen dolphins before, their startling intelligence takes you by surprise. In mind and body, they are incredible creatures who put on a show of seemingly effortless acrobatics.


Loro Parque is home to 10 bottle nosed dolphins, which swim, jump and splash happily in a pool specially designed to mimic their natural surroundings.

Dolphins, along with parrots are one of the parks ‘ambassadors’ of the environmental world. This may sound odd but I can assure you there are no suit-wearing dolphins attending meetings! However, their extraordinary intelligence and wonderful personalities makes them the perfect symbol of the environmental cause.

The park foundation hopes people empathise with them as living creatures and be encouraged to consider the environmental concerns of the park’s education programme.

Sea Lion Amphitheatre
The Californian Sea Lions are the natural, underwater pantomime actors. These friendly creatures don’t even have to put on an act because their comical, playful personalities come across clearly, as they splash about in the water.

This species of marine mammal can be found across America, from the Californian coast to Alaska. Loro Parque has had great success breeding this species, with 30 sea lions born in the park. Don’t miss the cheerful inhabitants of the Sea Lion Amphitheatre- they are bound to put a smile on your face!

Penguin Planet
Loro Parque is home to a wide variety of wonderful penguins from around the world, even places you wouldn’t expect. The Humboldt Penguins originate from South America, making the tropical climate at Tenerife a home from home.


However, walk through a tunnel of ice and you’ll discover a huge replica of their polar dwelling cousins’ Antarctic habitat! Watch as these magical creatures make their way through the snow and plunge into icy waters.

The exhibit aims to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change on these snow-loving creatures. Global warming has a significant effect on the oceans, changing the quantities of fish in the Antarctic Ocean and disrupting the ocean circulation, threatening the habitat of many species of penguin.

The park takes its name ‘Loro’ from the Spanish word for parrot, making this a show not to be missed.

As the second ‘ambassador’ for the Loro Parque’s environmental cause, these feathered friends demonstrate their intelligence and personality in a cleverly crafted show.

Watch in awe, as a flying swirl of colourful feathers circle your head. These parrots fly around the palace freely, giving you the perfect opportunity to see parrots close-up! Everything becomes a blur of colour, sound and movement and you can see why they were the original inspiration for the park itself.

If you miss their show, you’ll see them soaring among the tall trees of katandra treetops. This huge jungle reconstruction is the perfect place to explore so try and get some snaps of these squawking tree-dwellers!

Orca Ocean
There are seven Orcas (or as they are more commonly known – Killer Whales) living at Loro Parque and between them they put on an incredible show. The sheer size and weight of these whales is truly amazing and yet the pool is designed to accommodate their size as well as replicate their natural surroundings, with water from the Atlantic Ocean.


The routine is designed to keep them in an excellent physical condition, as well as happy and content at Loro Parque.
The show itself reflects the playful nature of the Orcas. Prepare to be amazed as they swim, jump and dive in front of your eyes. And be careful not to get wet!

There is a strong emphasis on research, and along with the whales here, the Loro Foundation supports research into the immunology and bio-acoustics of whales, as well as the migration of whales in the Iberian Peninsula.

These are the five stunning shows at Loro Parque and it is useful to know that there are at least three performances of each show every day.

The Other Inhabitants Of Loro Parque…

Among the many exotic inhabitants of Loro Parque, there are a few others worth mentioning here.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see our nearest relatives in the animal kingdom. We share 98.4% of our DNA with these fascinating creatures, so come and see for yourself the surprising similarities in their mannerisms and behaviour. You may find you have more in common than you thought!

Loro Parque has created a genetic reserve for these gorillas, actively supporting their protection in the wild. Not only is it the largest group of male Western Lowland Gorillas in the world, but their habitat is extraordinary. Stepping past their beautiful, luscious home, you’ll come face to face with a gorilla eyeing you up. An experience no nature documentary could prepare you for!

The aquarium transports you deep into the sea and allows you to explore an ocean alive with colourful fish and sea creatures.
With only a sheet of glass separating you from a shark, gliding above your head- the shark tunnel is an instant success, letting you get up close and personal with the ocean’s deadliest predators.

The aim of the aquarium is to educate as well as entertain. The seven exhibits recreate different eco systems across the world, raising awareness of habitats which are under threat.

Projected in an extraordinary glass dome are intricate coral reefs, majestic waterfalls, huge plains and the luscious Amazonian rainforest. Explore every corner of the globe in breath-taking HD.

loro parque

Environmental Aims
In addition to the research projects mentioned in this post, there are many more studies being undertaken by the Loro Parque Foundation, which are drastically improving our knowledge of the natural environment and its inhabitants- helping to protect wildlife, as well as educate people.

If you take a guided tour of Loro Parque, you’ll get a fascinating account of the Parque’s environmental ethos and in depth knowledge of their campaigns.

Eating out
There are plenty of culinary options to suit all tastes. Loro Parque is home to seven bars and restaurants severing everything from Tapas to pizza and burgers to salads.

Getting There
Loro Parque is located close to Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the island. There is a free ride called the Loro Parque Express which runs every 20 minutes from Plaza Reyes Catolicos in Puerto de la Cruz to Loro Parque.

The area surrounding the coastal spot of Puerto de la Cruz is home to some of the best Tenerife hotels on the island. Whether you are looking for something on a tight budget, a luxurious break or something with a little charm, Tenerife has the answer.

Visitors leave Loro Parque spellbound by the amazing wildlife. You really will need the whole day to absorb all the life, colour and action that Loro Parque has to offer but hopefully this guide gives you an idea of what to expect.




  1. The wildlife at Loro Parque is quite something. I am sure those who love wildlife would love to check out the wildlife there. The killer whales show looks like a lot of fun.

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