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Erjos to Los Silos Hike

Erjos to Los Silos Hike – Day 14: (Hike: 15 km, Ht. gain 0m, Approx 7hrs)


You may be thinking that, on the face of it, this walk may seem similar to yesterdays hike but, as is often the case, the only similarities are the departure and arrival points, everything else is new and interesting.

After getting off the bus at Erjos, cross the road and follow the PR TF 52/54 joint paths down and up out of the gully to the raised viewpoint back to Mt. Teide. We are now going to follow the path into the ancient laurel forest but just before we do there is another path to the right that takes you to another viewpoint worth visiting (about 200m there and back).

Continuing on the path through the forest, taking the time to check out the plant and trees specific to this area and to stop at the various lookout points along the way, it really is something to savour so make the most out of it. About 3km after entering the forest we reach our right hand turn off for the PR TF 54 footpath to Los Silos which takes us up onto the high ground with fabulous views over the previous gorge hike (photograph) before descending and meeting up with yesterday’s path as it enters Los Silos just before the bus stop for the coastal route to Icod.

Once again it is worth spending some time in one of the café/bars in the town or climbing up the small hill that overlooks Los Silos for great views back over the town, the mountains and the coast before heading back to the main road for the bus to Icod and beyond.

Note: On your travels to Los Silos you may come across what to all intents and purposes are stray dogs…they are not. These are working dogs owned by the goatherds and farmers and will either stay well clear of you or will come and check you out. Don’t panic! They may follow you for a short while but will eventually leave you alone as you leave their territory and will go back to work.

One of the many we met was just a puppy and very friendly. He would have gladly bounced along beside us for the whole hike but eventually he was encouraged to return to the hill by his elders.


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