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Erjos to Los Silos Hike

Erjos to Los Silos Hike – Day 15: (Hike: 18 km, Ht. gain 0m, Approx 8hrs)


Once again we are leaving the bus at Erjos and entering the ancient laurel forest but this time, when we reach the PR TF 54 turn-off, we continue on the PR TF 52 for a further 3km to a junction where left will take you to Los Portilas (and we already know there are several hikes that will take you back to Santiago del Teide from here) or, as we will do, turn right onto the PR TF 52.1 to another junction at El Horno.

Left downhill takes you to Los Canales and El Palmar on the Masca bus route, but we remain on the high ground and following the PR TF 55 up and over the Talavera plains with great views of the coast and Montaña Talavera (an easy climb if you are feeling energetic) and a fabulous descent into Los Silos.

So for reference, looking at the photograph of the three valleys left to right; we have the PR TF 53 gorge hike, next the PR TF 54 high ground descent, and finally today’s PR TF 55 Talavera descent. In the foreground we have Los Silos, left is the coastal route to Garachico and way to the extreme right in the mist we have the almost vertical Camino del Risco 500m switchback path and Buenavista del Norte.

I hope you have enjoyed these walks and hikes…I’m taking a break as I’m heading out to continue adventuring but if you see me on your travels, give me a wave.


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