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Erjos to Garachico via Los Silos Hike

Erjos to Garachico via Los Silos Hike – Day 13: (Hike: 12km, Ht. gain 0m, Approx 6hrs)


For those unfamiliar with the town of Erjos it is on the main bus route to Icod about 8km North of Santiago del Teide and is another hub for many hikes both North and South. It can be easily walked to but today we have bigger fish to fry.

Disembark the bus at Erjos and cross the road to one of the direction boards and sign posts. The path we are looking for is the 4km PR TF 53 to Los Silos which is a gorge walk, all down hill and very well marked. Just keep on the path and, just past Cuevas Negras, we start the descent proper all the way to Los Silos, I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Just before you cross the road into town is where the bus stops for Icod and beyond if you don’t want to do the next part of the walk.

Take time to walk around Los Silos and visit the TIO in the square by the church; the staff are extremely helpful, it is where I picked up my copy of the Red de Senderos del Parque Rural de Teno Map (it is a great souvenir as well as a must for many of the walks in the Teno range) and if you ask for directions to Garachico as I did they will even draw you a map.

The next part of the walk is approx. 8km and follows a road parallel to the main road, just walk East to the large roundabout as you leave Los Silos and take the Right hand exit. Picture in your mind that you want to parallel the main road, the mountains to your right and the coast to your left and you can’t go wrong, just keep walking beside this quiet rural road through the hamlets of Calatera de Interian and Las Cruces until you see Garachico.

All along the main road in Garachico there are bus stops that you can join the bus to Icod and change for Santiago del Teide and the South but try to make time to visit Garachico, it really is a lovely place to spend some time.


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