El Médano – A Wind Surfer’s Paradise


El MedanoSituated near Tenerife’s largest natural beaches, the small picturesque town of El Médano is an enchanted spot for day trippers, beach goers and water-sport devotees alike. Noted for its unassuming beauty, bohemian charm and wind as hearty as the town’s nightlife, El Médano is considered one of the best windsurfing/kitesurfing locations in the world, and host to numerous international competitions.

It also has a more Spanish feel than most other resorts in the south of Tenerife, and is a favourite evening and weekend destination for residents from all over the island. A great place to relax and recharge weary batteries, but also with a youthful vibrancy should sport or partying also be on the agenda. In the evening El Médano springs to life and her basement rock clubs, chill-out bars and salsa nightclubs open their doors to throngs of spirited revellers.

Situated close to the airport, and fifteen minutes from the larger resorts of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas, you don’t have to travel off the beaten track to find this secluded spot; it’s nestled nicely in the midst of South Tenerife’s hub. The unusually fitting bohemian/water-sports blend creates a joyful energy reflected in the friendly close-knit community.

The town hosts many local fiestas, especially during the summer months and New Year’s celebrations – which includes a spectacular firework display across the bay that many people flock to see. The impressive Montaña Roja – an imposing volcanic cone towering at one end of El Médano’s shoreline like a colossal bookend – serves as the town’s iconic backdrop, and its surrounding area is a protected natural reserve; the perfect place for a pensive stroll or reasonably exertive hike to the cone’s peak.

As a resident of the island for over twelve years, I chose to live in El Médano because I find it a place of its own, and everything you need is within walking distance – shops, supermarkets, playgrounds, plus numerous bays and beaches. The main plaza and seafront boulevard are home to a wide range of cafés, restaurants and quirky boutiques, and most days something is going on; such as concerts, gigs, colourful street artists, sports activities and organised events.

El Médano’s diversity is another endearing feature. Buxom and strapping windsurfers from all over the globe harmonise alongside scruffy artists and prim white-collar workers. A simple stroll along the seafront can often involve several considerably lengthy greetings and coffee stops. It’s like there’s a secret that only ‘Medaneros’ and returning visitors know about.

Most people dismiss the town as ‘too windy’ – a reputation I think was exaggerated by residents intent on keeping the intimate atmosphere as just that. However, while it’s certainly windier than most spots in the south of the island, the idea that it’s continually blowing a gale generally keeps the hordes away, and that rather suits. As does the wind itself for an expat like me, a hearty ocean breeze is a godsend in sticky summer months while adding a nostalgic chill-factor in the winter that much of the ‘island of eternal spring’ misses. It’s the perfect living environment and I don’t tire of it; but does it have a downside? Yep! Dog poo and limited parking, so you’ve been warned…

Author Bio: This article is written by Lee Bullen, author of Amazon Bestseller, “BESET” and you can find him at www.leebullen.com


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