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Day 28: Mirador de San Pedro to Puerto de la Cruz (Distance: 5km, Descent: 60m, Climb: 60m, Approx. 2hrs)

One of the best kept secrets of Puerto de la Cruz-ians (my word) is a glorious short walk through gardens and along coastal paths to enter the city avoiding the traffic and noise. “The Rambla de Castro”

I’m going to start where the bus from the South stops just before the Restaurante Mirador de San Pedro (Bus stop: El Socorro). You can cross the road (TF-5) and walk to the mirador on the left side of the highway then make your way down the footpath to the park below but this is a very busy road and there is a safer option. Leaving the bus, look away from the highway and you will see a slip road that sweeps round to the right under the highway towards the Urbanización Rambla del Mar and, on the right a short distance, there is a footpath (paralleling the highway) which joins the main footpath just below the mirador. You can then walk up to the mirador for photographs but you will be spoiled for choice all along the walk so it is up to you.

Make our way down to the greenery (Paisaje Protegido de Rambla de Castro) by one of the many footpaths that wind their way through the trees to beautiful hidden views and spaces; spend some time exploring this marvel of nature and let the children (or adults) be “Captain Jack Sparrow on a tropical island” for a while. When ready, make your way east (ocean to the left) along the main path and up the short climb at Barranco de la Calera.

You will be following this footpath past some spectacular views like the Levator Gordejuela (a steam water elevator used to pump fresh water into a reservoir, built in 1903 by another Greenock born adventuring engineer, it was abandoned a short time later when electricity made its steam pump obsolete), and back along the coast. Eventually after a kilometre or so you will enter the town of Los Realejos; turn left on Calle Las Rosas and take the right at the end on Calle Las Palmeras crossing at the junction onto Calle las Amapolas for a short walk to the viewpoint.

Take in the views of the rocks and city beyond before descending on the footpath to explore the paths below. At moment (March 2019) the main path onwards is blocked for a fallen rock but everyone seems to ignore the barrier and continues on the footpath to the Maritim Hotel Tenerife (you can descend to the Playa De Los Roques and back up to the path if the tide is out or head back uphill and follow the roads around to the Hotel).

Take the main road down to the small chapel on the left where (if you want) you can turn left into the town of Punta Brava and its labyrinth of paths and views of the coast (don’t miss the blowhole and the pretty Plaza Manuel Ballesteros) before heading out past the cafés and restaurants to the beach area (Playa Maria Jiménez) in front of Loro Parque.

You are now entering the city of Puerto de la Cruz with its many places of interest: I would suggest visiting one of the tourist information outlets for a map of the city and go have an adventure. The main bus station is on Calle Hermanos Fernandez Perdigon four blocks up from the coast.


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