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Day 26: Santiago del Teide to Playa de Barranco Seco (Distance: 18km, [with options] Descent: 800m, Climb: 300m, Approx 7hrs)

“Why do you love to hike?” What an excellent question.

The reason is simple, though it does make a huge difference if you have a partner who also loves to hike. For a large portion of the day, every day, it is just the two of us talking about the things we notice, things we want to do, places we want to see, any old stuff that just comes to mind and sometimes just nonsense. It also takes our minds away from all the daily trash that, in general, social media is so bad at promoting and helps us remember that in reality, we are all that matter…the rest of the world did OK before we got here and it will continue to do OK long after we are gone. So folks; enjoy what you have got, while you have got it.

If you travel by bus from the South, get off at the first stop as you enter Santiago, cross the road to the PR TF 65 and walk 1.5km down to the Roque Blanco footpath (TF 65.1). Look to your left at the first sign post and you will see the lower path to the ridge (TF 65.3), take this almost level path until you reach the sign post for the downward return path to El Molledo. (1km)

To the right of this sign post is the path we are about to descend (approx. 50m down on the left is the path that hugs the side of the peak on your left [Guama] to the plateau and the descending path to the “Eye”). Today we are continuing down the zig-zag path all the way past the first water canal (which if followed to the left will end at a gated low tunnel…we didn’t enter), and onward down to where you first see the white buildings opposite and the second water canal (approximately 2km).

Notice at this point, on the right, there is the path that takes you up to the Tamaimo tunnel entrance (previous post) then continue down over the second water canal and onward to the third (1.5km). Follow this to the left and about 50m on the right is the path down, (if you continue to follow this water canal for a further 50m it takes you to the Los Gigantes tunnel entrance).

Descend on the footpath heading for the coast (1.5km). This path zig-zags down to the barranco floor following little cairns of stacked stones, through shrubs, over boulders, across the side of the barranco by a wire hand hold and continue the descent until you reach the coast.

If, like us, you didn’t arrange a boat to pick you up (some people do); when you are ready to return you can climb back all the way to Santiago del Teide (approximately 8km and a 700m climb) or climb to the Tamaimo tunnel (4km and 300m climb, you will need a torch), we however climbed back to the water canal for the Los Gigantes tunnel (2km, 100m climb), turned right and followed this into the tunnel (trusty head torches carried).

At the exit; follow the footpath across the Giants to Los  Gigantes and from there it’s a short walk down hill on Calle Tabaiba turning left and immediately right onto Av. Maritima Acant at the junction and continue down the road to the T junction with Calle El Hibisco. Turn left and you will see the Los Gigantes bus station about 20m ahead for your return bus home.


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