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Day 23: Los Gigantes to Montaña Nifa Loop (Hike: 14km, Ht. gain Approx 500m, Approx 5hrs)

If you have ever looked up to the hill overlooking Los Gigantes you will have seen the Spanish flag flying permanently at half mast, this is on the Montaña Nifa ridge (The flag isn’t at half mast, it’s at the top of the pole, someone just stuck a bigger pole next to it). Now there is a direct route to the ridge and flag but having climbed it recently I think it isn’t a suitable walk for this forum as it is a very steep incline of loose rock and scree and, quite frankly, dangerous. Luckily there is an easier way to the top and it gives you many options.

Starting at Los Gigantes bus station head up hill past El Mirador Archipenque and follow the edge of the road for a hundred metres or so and you will see the start of the PR TF 65 on the left just before the junction.

Take this path keeping up the steep surfaced road following the Yellow/White markers and signs, climbing up through the banana plantations, until it becomes a footpath and continue the assent. During the climb your destination will be constantly on your left so continue and about 3km up hill and 2km short of the turn off for Tamaimo you will see on your left a path marked with a Red dot and a Yellow/White cross this takes you up to the high point (the yellow/white cross tells you that you are leaving the PR TF 65 on a spur)

Follow this climbing path as it backtracks and switchbacks it’s way to the top where there is a junction of three paths; left takes you down along the ridge edge, descending all the way to the flag if you desire where there are fabulous views of the cliffs and harbour at Los Gigantes and straight ahead takes you to the other side of the plateau and more great views. We will follow the right hand path up along the edge until we reach the top of Montaña Nifa (Ht. 617m) where there is the remains of a height marker and a great place for a picnic (see photograph).

The rest is up to you; explore the top, visit the flag remembering that it is almost 3km away and I would advise returning to the path we used to climb up to here (there are other paths down but are not great under foot) or just enjoy the views and, when ready, make the return descent to the PR TF 65 turning right at the bottom and retrace your steps all the way to your start point, perhaps stopping off at the El Mirador Café for a refreshment on the way down.


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