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Day 22: Arona to Adeje (Hike: 20km, Ht. gain Approx 700m, Approx 6hrs)

I am often pleasantly surprised at the number of beautiful and interesting hikes that just fall into our laps? I had wanted to continue the ridge path from Adeje to Arona but bus timings and a desire to visit one of our favourite restaurants (Otello) at the top of Adeje at the end of the hike prompted us to do this part of the ridge in reverse from Arona and ‘Oh’ what a good idea that was.

First though, a top tip: There is a path from Los Cristianos which joins the route just above Arona but I believe the climb and distance involved in just covering the route would make this extra 7km and 600m climb a bit of a chore so take the regular bus service (480 from Los Cristianos Station to Arona) and enjoy the route to it’s fullest.

Stay on the bus to the last stop in Arona ( Av. La Constitucion) and walk back to the up hill Calle Dominguez Alfonso and climb to the route notice board at the church square (Plaza Cristo de la Salud). Just a short distance and sign posted along the same road (Calle El Calvario) on the left is a tourist information office where they have free route maps of the area and the staff are only too willing to help promote walks in their area.

After your visit, back-track to the road you climbed and continue your climb, following the Red, Green and White markers and signs up Calle San Carlos Borromeo, across the TF 51, onto Calle Mazape into the village of Vento. As you reach the small roundabout you will see the sign posts across the road and the beginning of the trail.

Initially we will be following the Red and White markers but the start of the route also services the Roque del Conde climb so the markers are Red, Green and White, just follow the path and at an obvious junction a short way ahead we turn right up hill and away from the mountain ahead. Continue the climb up to the saddle for spectacular views of the coast and mountains around Adeje.

When ready, left you will see the path down from Roque del Conde and right (our path) up hill into the mountains above. Stay on the path and follow the markers all the way to the top between Barranco del Ray and Barranco de Fañabé. During this climb you will be spoilt for views of the area and on top take a moment to look around, it really is quite something.

There are several paths up to high points to the left and right so; stand in the circle (you can’t miss it) and face into the interior of the Island. Straight and right ahead is a path to the village and left is the path we will take to a large homestead and a paved road uphill. Once past the house there is a sign post to our next destination taking us up hill past the paragliding take-off point and more spectacular views, to the restaurant ‘El Dornajo’ at Ifonch and the next route notice board. The route markers and posts are now the Yellow and White PR TF 71.2 to La Quinta, Adeje and Boca del Paso.

Follow this path for almost 5 kilometres descending and climbing out of Barranco del Agua and the beautiful Barranco del Infierno, through the pine forest on well marked and good footpaths, until you reach the multi-sign post where we turn left, down hill on the PR TF 71, to Adeje and Boca del Paso. It is all down hill for the next 5 kilometres but when you reach Boca del Paso you will want to stop and take some time to look around; to the left is the flat topped mountain Roque del Conde, where we started the climb and a great view of the ridge over Barranco del Infierno, ahead is the coast and right is the route we took from Vera de Erques and beyond. It doesn’t get much better than this folks.

As before, it is now a straight forward descent into Adeje following the path which ends at the kiosk for Barranco del Infierno and the Otello Restaurant; they will welcome hikers in any state so please stop by and I recommend the Garlic Chicken, it’s our favourite with a mixed salad and a beer.

Take your time admiring the sunset and, only when you are happy to leave, walk down hill and turn left towards the Iglesia de Santa Úrsula turning right and walking down Calle Grande and Calle Manuel Bevo Ramos until you reach the Plaza de Venezuela and the bus stops for your bus home.


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