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Certificado de Empadronamiento in Tenerife

Certificado de Empadronamiento in Tenerife

Certificado de Empadronamiento new


Probably the first step towards starting a new life in Tenerife as far as the paperwork battle is concerned would be to register on the Padron at your local Town Hall, this is the equivalent of the local electoral register.

You will be issued with an enrollment certificate in Spanish, this is called ‘Certificado de empadronamiento’ and  will need to present your passport to have it processed,


Certificado de Registro

Also known  as ‘foreigner’s registration certificate card’ or Green Certificate and in it’s absence, the white A4 sheet of paper which includes your NIE number, rental contract or the title deeds of your property (escritura) as proof that you are residing in that municipality.

The current fee for this certificate is 3€ and it’s valid for a period of six months, although you’re not required to renew the certificate every six months, you do have to confirm your registration on the Padron every two years. You should receive a reminder through the post, but it’s advisable to make a mental note of the date yourself to make sure you’re not taken off the electoral register automatically because this can happen and you want to avoid going through this registration process all over again.



If you have not applied for an NIE identity number in the past (this number is essential for all financial transactions.), you can still register on the Padron although your registration will not be classed as complete until you return with the original NIE document and a copy of your foreigner’s registration certificate/card with your NIE number inserted. You can apply for an NIE at the National Police Station.

The need for a ‘Certificado de empadronamiento’ will pop up from time to time as it’s usually a requirement on occasions such as registering with the doctors or registering children at the local state schools or colleges.

Whenever you need a copy you can call into your local Oficina de Atención Ciudadana (Citizen’s Service Office) at your local Town Hall or in some cases a separate office called a SAC office, e.g. Los Cristianos Cultural Centre and in Las Chafiras. You need to make a request for a ‘Volante de empadronamiento’ and present your passport and Certificado de Registro. The certificate copies should be issued free of charge providing you supply the necessary documents for verification.


Certificado de Viaje

One of the benefits of being included on the local electoral register is that you are classed as a Canary Island resident and therefore you are entitled to the travel discount that is available on flights and ferries within the Spanish territories.

You can obtain one of these Travel Certificates from your local Town Hall or SAC office by presenting your passport and Certificado de Registro, the Travel Certificates are issued on the same day.

It is essential that you keep your Travel Certificate with you whilst booking/boarding, along with your passport and Certificado de Registro, as you will be asked to produce evidence that you are entitled to the discount. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your entitlement to the residents discount and you will be told to purchase a new ticket for the full price, subject to their availability.


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