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Canary Islands Holidays – A Quick Tour

canary islands holidays

  To compliment the previous video about Tenerife, I’m adding this one because the other islands are just as beautiful and unique in their own ways. Knowing that the islands are only a short flight or boat trip away should encourage many to explore these fascinating islands. I’m sure you’ll …

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The Magical Underwater World Of The Canaries

ocean brothers featured

  I always knew there was something magical about the ocean surrounding the Canary Islands and in this case, El Hierro. There are so many things we cannot explain and sometimes it’s best to let our imagination run riot. This video shows that the area is truly amazing. Thanks to …

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Have a Splashing Time in Lanzarote

Lanzarote sunset

If you are a beach lover, water-sports enthusiast and appreciator of natural beauty; along with enjoying evidence of long-held tradition, culture and histor,y then a holiday in Lanzarote is likely to be for you. As one of the best places in Europe for water-sports, Lanzarote is a hot spot for …

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21 Fascinating Facts About The Canary Islands

Lanzarote Road

  Spain has some secrets hidden in its back pocket. Thirteen, to be exact, and these are the land masses that form the Canary Islands. From the largest, Tenerife, to the smallest, Roque del Oeste, this remarkable archipelago of thirteen sun kissed islands may single-handedly be the reason why Europeans, …

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