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Arguayo to Guía de Isora Hike

Arguayo to Guía de Isora Hike – Day 18: (Hike: 14km, Ht. gain Approx 500m, Approx 5hrs)


First thing to note is that we are now on the ridge and, although we will be remaining at approximately 900m ASL, each leg of this route will require climbing and descending hills and barranco as we go along. Any height gain is actual and not referenced to anything else.

Secondly; buses are not as frequent as they are on the coast. Check your bus time table and plan your route accordingly

And Thirdly; at this altitude the weather can change in a blink of an eye. It may not rain but if it clouds over it can get very cold, very quickly so carry something warm and waterproof.

From the week days 462 bus stop, information board head up through the village on Calle el Carmen and right onto Calle San Agustin to the start of the foot path. Walk to the sign post and turn right onto the Green and White way marked SL TF 201 up hill path for the 3.4km to Chío.

Like the previous walk, this is part of the GR TF 133 and has various markers but we will be following the Green and White way marks along this reasonably easy, undulating and meandering path with low walls on both sides all the way into Chío.

Once there you can walk through town or stay with the main upper road (TF-82) to the outskirts of Chío where we turn left onto Calle el Roquillo and, at the corner, locate the Information board detailing the next part of the hike. This is now a Yellow and White way marked path and part of the PR TF 69 Chío to Vera de Erques route which, for the most part, is rural road surfaces and well marked path.

Climbing up hill past the cemetery and a yellow house, continue on the way marked path for 3km and a 150m climb until we reach the village of Chíguergue.

Following the way marks out of Chíguergue, past the dog and cat house (you’ll know it when you see it) and continue for a further 3km to Chirche. We are going to break our journey here to keep the walk manageable so follow the route up hill, past the church, to the path crossroads and many sign posts at the top of the village where we turn down hill towards Aripe (a short detour into Aripe you will find a shrine to Pedrito the famous football player on the wall of his home.)

Continue down hill for 4km until you see a sign post into Guía de Isora where we turn right and 500m further on reach Calle las Britas and, a little further on the left Calle Guarpia, Follow this road down and you will see the bus station.

If you have the time, Guía de Isora is a large town with restaurants and café/bar and is well worth a visit. There is also a large civic centre with a good TIO inside on the main road where they have free guide to all the paths and walks in the hills around Guía de Isora, they really are great and are glad to help, just ask.


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