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About Peter Sarkis & Tenerife Forum


JubaMy name is Peter and my mission is to convert as many people as possible into Tenerife lovers and to showcase all the good things the island offers.

The idea is to make tenerifeforum.site a melting pot for all things Tenerife and to encourage converts to share stories and experiences of the island.

Having lived on the island and enjoyed the hospitality of the local people, I felt the need to give a little something back as a way of showing appreciation for their friendship and love of life.

My decision to live on Tenerife was fairly simple.
Having spent many years in Sub Saharan Africa, Tenerife offered a perfect middle ground between the Dark Continent and Northern Europe and seemed the natural choice.

It really is the best of both worlds!

My ancestry is Phoenician and therefore linked to the Berbers who migrated to the island from North Africa, although some say that they were in fact taken captive in North Africa and transported to the island where they were abandoned.

As a child I remember stories of how people had to travel by sea on the Elder Dempster shipping line from Liverpool to get to Africa but had to make a stop in the Canaries to replenish their stocks to continue the journey south.

Maybe it was the furthest I could be from Africa without losing the sound of its heartbeat.

Whatever the reason, the island has always captured my imagination and the diversity of cultures makes it an education all on its own.

My love affair with the island was inevitable and as the Arabic saying goes……


It is written


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