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3 Travel Nightmares and How to Avoid Them


dog touristTravelling can be one of the most thrilling experiences of a person’s life. The opportunity to explore a new destination or the joy of revisiting a favourite destination is always a rewarding experience. However, there are times when travelling can become a challenge and transform into a nightmare of a situation.

This article is meant to outline some tips that every seasoned traveller or backpacking novice can do to protect themselves from those unforeseen disasters.

Lost or Damaged Luggage

One of the most troublesome events a person can encounter is lost or damaged luggage. There is nothing like making it to Europe at the start of a five week adventure and having your suitcase not arrive with you. Or, what happens if the suitcase arrives damaged, leaving you with a fifty pound bag that no longer rolls.

The frustration of having your plans marred by such an event can be overwhelming. First, make sure your bags are well marked with your name, address, and other contact information. Tying string or having a unique name plate is another way of making sure you can easily spot your bag. Should your luggage not make it to your final destination, there are some things to remember.

Remaining calm is key to surviving this situation. Many airlines have a means of tracking bags and generally will return the missing luggage within a short amount of time. A calm spirit and staying focused on the task at hand will help even the most exhausted of travellers find a suitable solution to this annoying problem.

Travel Cancellation or Delay

The second most troublesome event during a dream vacation is having your travel plans interrupted by a transportation strike, flight cancellation, or other disturbance. In many cases, the airlines will work with you to remedy the situation and suggest another transportation route. Unfortunately for the traveller, sometimes their idea of a correction and the traveller’s idea of adequate compensation doesn’t line up.

Work the system, ask for a senior supervisor, and don’t take the first offer as the only offer. Help the desk personnel understand what your needs are and work together to find an adequate solution that benefits you, the traveller

Many airlines offer instructions on how to purchase travel insurance for different vacations and what protections they offer. Travel insurance is a great way to ensure your needs are met should a circumstance like this arise.

Pickpockets and Robbery

Pickpockets make their living preying on the unsuspecting tourist. Protecting your documents and your cash is crucial to having a wonderful holiday. Should you find yourself a victim of such a crime, contact the consulate immediately and report your passport stolen. They will be able to offer advice on replacing the necessary documents in order to return home. Also, it is important to contact any credit card or banking companies to notify them of the theft.

Once in a while, travellers are met with other unfortunate incidents. Sudden illness, pickpockets, natural disasters, and other unfortunate circumstances might pop up forcing decisions to be made. The best solution for planning for such an event is in the purchase of travel insurance.

Many insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance coverage designed specifically for the traveller  Some companies even offer 24-hour customer service in the event that you need help while abroad. These small advantages may seem insignificant, but can help you tremendously when you are in a situation of need.

Although, the chances of something ruining your vacation are very slim, always be prepared to encounter the unexpected. Consider the solutions if you encounter some of these travel nightmares and always arm yourself with travel cover to mitigate the risk of a potentially dangerous situation.

Most vacations go off without a hitch and the happy traveller returns home with memories for a lifetime. Should the unfortunate occur, stay calm and feel sure you have planned ahead.


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