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2019 Update: Bono Via is gone, long live Tenmas

In late September 2018 the old Bono Via card was retired and replaced with the Tenmas (Ten +) Card. For those who used the old card, the principle is the same but there have been a few important changes.

For full information on; use, travel costs, discounts, Titsa bus times and bus numbers go to the official Titsa website: https://titsa.com/index.php/en/

For those not familiar with the bus system, this is a ‘Top-Tip’ for the non-residents (visitors) to the island: There is an excellent public transport system on Tenerife. It is reasonably; fast, convenient and inexpensive but it works best if you are aware that there is a card which can be used to pay for travel.

The Tenmas (Ten+) Card.

It is worth visiting the Titsa bus website for information but here are the highlights:

  1. The Tenmas Card is a plastic reusable ‘credit card’ style card.
  2. You buy a card for €2 and then top it up with any amount up to €100 (in units of €5) at shops displaying the ‘Tenmas’ sign and bus stations.
  3. One card can be used for any amount of users just tell the driver how many people are in the group so he can set his machine and, once done, you only have to ‘swipe’ your card once. Don’t forget to swipe your card at the machine when getting off the bus when you reach your destination, usually from the centre door of the bus.
  4. You can’t ‘overswipe’ the card. It comes up with a cross if you do and a tick if correct, plus gives the balance left, but only for a couple of seconds. If you forget to swipe then you will be charged for the full journey to the bus destination.
  5. Your card is a great souvenir of your stay when you go home or you can give it to a new arrival to use.
  6. The card itself is valid for 10 years. Any remaining balance on the card expires 1 year after last top up. If you plan on returning to Tenerife within 12 Months it is worth ‘topping-up’ the card with €5 as close to your departure date as possible to have the full 12 Months valid on your card.
  7. It is valid for travelling by bus and tram all around the island with the exceptions of the Teide bus and Punta de Teno bus

The advantages:

  1. You get discounted travel which can save a small fortune if you use the bus often. (see website for discounts)
  2. You don’t have to have the correct change.
  3. It is quick and will not hold up the bus.
  4. You don’t have to drive.
  5. You don’t have to park.
  6. If you use multiple buses to reach your destination, any increased discount applies for the full journey.
  7. It may just reduce the level of congestion on the island and you will be doing your bit for climate change.

As usual children up to the age of 4 travel free. Age 4 and over it is full adult price for non-residents.

This webpage shows where the card is on sale: https://movil.titsa.com/puntosventa.php?fbclid=IwAR0oZiBSVC2tq8WpLavNclh6A1SCWijlXA3DRgbciDBzw_KGZr59gZdugJk

There are many, many more advantages which is why we have never hired a car on Tenerife and have generally stayed on the island for 3 months at a time over many years.

Residents of Tenerife have a picture style card and will be aware of the advantages available.

For any reference to Bono Via Card in these walks and hikes please read Tenmas Card.

Final Note: Everyone likes a friendly helpful traveller and the bus driver is no different. Try to learn and use a few helpful phrases: Hola, Buenos días, Buenas tardes, Gracias and the like go a long way on easing your journey and learning how to say your destination will make things go smoothly bringing a smile into everyone’s morning.

For Example: Two people going to Costa Adeje Bus Station roughly translates as “Buenos días. Estación de Costa Adeje para dos personas por favor…Simple really.


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