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Travel Money – How to Get the Best Deal

Better Exchange Rates

  Buy your travel money online and you will save more than it costs for a family of four to spend the day at Lago Martianez! Travel money has already had it’s ‘Rip Off Britain’ moment that seems to grip every industry these days. Not too long ago the idea …

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The Most Popular One-Day Excursions in Tenerife for Canary Island Cruisers

El Teide National Park

  If you’re lucky enough to be taking a cruise around the Canary Islands, there are lots of sights to see and activities to get involved in, whether you’re looking for family fun or unique experiences. From whale and dolphin spotting, to exploring centuries old pyramids there’s a lot more …

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The Canary Islands – For Nightlife without the Hassle

Los Cristianos

  Throughout the sunnier regions of southern Europe, there are a number of holiday resorts which have become synonymous with the younger crowd. These destinations are loud, lewd and lively, and although they are open to everyone the chances are most of the over-50s who travel there without being aware …

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How to Find the Best Flight Bargains

  There’s nothing quite like getting away from it all, especially when life is particularly stressful. Whether the pressures are caused by work, family or anything else, once you’re on that plane and heading off into the sun you can feel the burden lessening as each minute passes by. For …

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Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Hire Car Experience

car hire

  If you’ve ever been bored on holiday and faced long, tedious hours in a resort that offers little in the way of fun, you’ll know that hiring a car can make a great difference to the enjoyment levels. Having access to a vehicle opens up the whole region, so there’s no …

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Lanzarote – The All Year Round Sports Destination

  As a relatively small island, Lanzarote is often assumed to be just a beach holiday destination. But its incredible climate also makes it a very popular place for sports enthusiasts and more generally lovers of the great outdoors. The clean atmosphere and usually clement weather make it an ideal …

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Walk the walk – Masca

  There must be nothing worse than to get old and say you regret not having done something. That is how I felt as I reached my 65th birthday and after hearing such wonderful stories of walking down the Masca Gorge I thought, I can do that! Well I have …

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