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Tenerife Paperwork

Local Police Phone Numbers by Municipality

tenerife local police numbers

  Adeje Policía Municipal de Adeje C/ Grande 1 – 38670 Adeje – Teléfono: 922 716 508 Arafo Policía Municipal de Arafo Plaza José Antonio, 4 – 38550 Arafo – Teléfono: 922 511 711 Arico Policía Municipal de Arico C/ El Carmen, 10 – 38580 Arico – Teléfono: 922 768 …

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Useful Tenerife Phone Numbers

Useful Tenerife Numbers

  Although this file was created a while ago, we’ve decided to add it to our growing library of Tenerife information for our readers. The useful Tenerife phone numbers file was created to help whenever in emergencies and in need of a comprehensive list of important contacts on the island. …

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List of Medical Facilities In Tenerife

Medical Practitioners in Tenerife

    The British Consulate in Tenerife has compiled a list of medical facilities and practitioners for Tenerife and the surrounding islands. This list is for informational purposes and those listed are not endorsed either by ourselves or the British Consulate. Below is the list as at June 2015 and …

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How to Start a New Business in Tenerife and Registering as Self Employed

Starting a business in Tenerife and registering as self employed

My advice to anyone who is contemplating going into business in Tenerife, would be to seek professional advice from someone who is highly recommended in this sector. When looking for advice you will come across the word Gestor. The equivalent position of a Gestor does not exist in the UK, …

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Local Taxes in Tenerife

Adeje Town Hall

There are various types of local taxes all of which are dealt with by the corresponding tax office for each municipality ‘Consorcio de Tributos’ in Spanish. Although the tax system can seem daunting and confusing to many, once you start setting things up, it is quite straight forward.   Common …

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How to Renew your British Passport in Tenerife

Renewing British Passports in Tenerife

If you are renewing your British Passport while residing in Tenerife, it’s important you make your application in plenty time as you will need at last 4 weeks from when your declaration form is received by the Passport office so that it can be processed. This may take even longer …

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How to Register with a Tenerife Doctor

Tenerife Health Card

  Once you have confirmation that you are entitled to healthcare in Tenerife your next step will be to register with your local GP. To do this you will have to prove that you are a resident in the area by providing an ‘Empadronamiento Certificate’, your Foreigners Registration Certificate/Card and …

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Healthcare Entitlement in Tenerife

Canaries Healthcare Service

You are entitled to healthcare and are covered by the Spanish National Health Service if you are working or self-employed and making the corresponding Social Security contributions. You can also register any legal dependants under your healthcare entitlement by providing the necessary documents to prove your relationship with your dependants, …

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Changing a UK Driving Licence to a Spanish Licence in Tenerife


  If you are a resident in Tenerife and you are still using your UK driving licence then maybe it’s time to think about exchanging your licence for a Spanish one. In January of 2015 new European regulations are coming into force and once this happens, if you are stopped …

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Registering as a Resident Foreigner in Tenerife

spanish residency card

There have been several changes made to the requirements for registering as a resident foreigner here in Tenerife in recent times. This certificate/card is known amongst existing residents as the residency/green certificate. If you are thinking about registering in the near future, maybe you will be interested to read a …

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